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FOSHAN YUANBO INTELLIGENTT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a technology-based enterprise. We are committed to the research and development, production, and innovative manufacturing of intelligent high-speed glass double edging machine production lines, inheriting the spirit of craftsmanship and ingenious design. We have meticulously crafted a series of high-level intelligent high-speed double edging machine production lines, which are heavily equipped in the field of glass deep processing and contribute to the glass deep processing industry. Bingcheng focuses on customer needs and earns a good image and brand through attentive service.


Our company has established a comprehensive after-sales service system to provide guidance and solutions for customers' development problems and difficulties. We believe that through our unremitting pursuit and efforts, we will definitely win the support of customers and achieve mutual benefit and win-win with the enterprise. As a conscientious enterprise, Yuanbo is willing to shoulder heavy responsibilities and forge ahead. We are willing to grow together with you and create a win-win future.


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High speed double edging machine operation video

Intelligent energy-saving equipment, achieving automatic glass size detection, data comparison, and automatic adjustment without the need for manual input, greatly improving processing efficiency and quality, and reducing production costs.


Professional manufacturing of high speed intelligent double edging machine production lines
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